When will my order arrive?  
Most orders will arrive in 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order.  (**with the exception of pre-order specific items)

Why does it take this long?  
Every Friday, the webstore does a "sweep" of orders that have been received during the week.  These items are processed and placed into the production queue.  (this means if you order early in the week, you may have a few extra lead time days before the next "sweep")  We promise we will hurry, but we want to get it right!  

Are items returnable?  Items are not returnable or exchangeable at this time.  If you have questions about an item you have received, please fill out the Contact Form and tell us more.  

My item was received incorrectly or damaged.  We are very sorry to hear that!  Please tell us more via the Contact Form!  

I have an issue with my order!  Please tell us more via the Contact Form and we'll reach out ASAP!  

Can I take my item to the front office and get a refund or exchange it?  The Haberdashery currently operates completely online and The Habersham School is unable to help with these specific issues.  The quickest and most efficient way to resolve ANY spirit wear issue is to fill out the Contact Form.   

Will you be adding new items (I.E. Youth Apparel, Ladies Fitted Apparel, Jewelry, Tumblers, Stickers, Bags, Socks, Stadium Blankets, Beach Towels, Key Chains, etc...?  Yes!  We are planning to continuously be adding new items.  Please share your ideas and feedback with us!  Tell us what you want so we can add it to our growing list of opportunities!  You can share with us via the Contact Form.